Email Marketing Services

Welcome to Email Sender Services.

Email Sender is an email marketing software that

has been created to take away the pain witnessed in email marketing.

Bill on your left is an SEO expert. Recently, he completed a training in Social Medial Marketing.He does lead generation and he’s pretty good at his thing.But the problem he faces is every month he pays high monthly bills to his email marketing service providers as his lists continue to grow.This gives him monthly anxieties and he worries about it.

Are you like Bill? Does that music sound familiar? Are you troubled by the cost of running email marketing campaigns? Wouldn’t you like some help with a service that charges pennies regardless of your list size?

Why has email marketing become so expensive, Bill wonders !

Well, the good news for you and Bill today is that we’ve got a solution

here for all of you-whether big and small marketers.

When we came up with the idea to design this service, we had 3 main features in mind:

  • Affordability
  • Quality and
  • Email marketing services without limitations.

With our service,you’re free to build an unlimited email lists

and send unlimited emails per month. There are no restrictions.

Join Us Today and Enjoy an email service that’s


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System Interface

Its interface is clean,clear and simple to understand.

Menus are on the left panel.

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Performance Tracking


Many Email Marketing software would only show you open and click through rates.

On this page,we’ve attempted to show that the Email Sender System doesn’t  just show you opens and CTR but also goes a step further to show how each URL performs in your campaigns.


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Email Marketing API

Need to integrate Email Sender software
with another service or tool? No problem as we’ve got that cover as well.

With our API, you can easily create an app just for your own personal use, or make one designed to be used by thousands of businesses.

You can also pick our API and integrate with your preferred web forms for use on your website.

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